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    Channa Masala with mushrooms

    Easy Channa Masala with Mushrooms

    January 20, 2018
    Vegan, gluten free channa masala, a perfectly spicy and warming vegan dish.

    There’s nothing like a warming curry in the winter. Warm spices, dreamy coconut milk…this Channa Masala really hit the spot for me last week! It’s super easy to make and can be enjoyed as a one pot dish or with a side of rice or veggies. I like to add in a bit of extra broth and make it into more of a stew.

    The first time I really heard of channa masala was while in university at Queen’s. One of my housemates at the time, Michelle, was making this awesome fragrant curry dish. It kind of just caught on around our house, and we all started making it (except we often subbed some good old ketchup in for tomato paste). So whenever I make Channa Masala, I think of Michelle. 



    Easy vegan dinner recipes: Channa Masala with mushrooms.
    Easy Channa Masala with Mushrooms

    This warm and spicy curried chickpea recipe is easy to make and perfect for winter. Garam masala rounds out the flavour and a splash of coconut milk evens out the heat. Tender mushrooms, kale and potato round out the dish.

    Servings: 4
    • 1 potato (I used mini potatoes, about 1.5 c diced)
    • 1.5 c of kale, shredded or other green i.e.: brocoli, spinach etc
    • 2 c mushrooms, sliced
    • 1 onion, diced
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1 heaping Tbsp grated ginger
    • 1 can of chickpeas (2c if boiling)
    • 2 Tbsp of tomato paste
    • 1/3 c of coconut milk (80 mL)
    • 1 c veggie broth
    • 2 Tbsp garam Masala
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • 1/2 tsp cumin
    • 1 tsp ground coriander
    • 1 Tbsp Sriracha (or to taste)
    • 2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
    • 1 Tbsp Tamari (GF) or soy sauce
    1. Heat a heavy pan on medium heat.

    2. Add the minced onion and cook until soft, about 4 minutes. While the onion is cooking, mince the garlic and grate the ginger. Add the garlic and ginger and cook another minute.

    3. Add the spices, using vegetable broth the prevent sticking. Add the brown sugar or maple syrup.

    4. Add the mushrooms and dice the potatoes. Once the potatoes are diced, soften them in the microwave for about 3-5 minutes in a microwave safe dish with a 1/2 c or so of water at the bottom. 

    5. Add the coconut milk and remaining broth. You may continue adding broth as the curry becomes too dry. Add the tamari to taste.

    6. Add the potatoes and chickpeas and allow to simmer for another 5 or so minutes, adding the kale just before removing from the heat.

    7. Serve and enjoy!

    Recipe Notes
    1. Left over coconut milk can be frozen in a container or ice cube tray. I often use it in other dishes, smoothies or oatmeal.

    Just a short post today (I’m actually typing this one pretty late at night, so fewer words=fewer spelling errors) I hope you enjoy the recipe!  This is going to be the featured #SVKMeatFreeMonday this week (Monday Jan 22nd, 2018). If you’re interested in joining us to cook up some Channa Masala, then check out my Facebook page, I like to keep it pretty interactive, so feel free to come out and ask any questions you have about being vegan, vegan cooking or being a vegan athlete. If you can’t make it this week, but might want to try it another time, I send out the ingredients to my email list every Saturday, sign up is in the left side bar. Have a great week everyone!